Post-Morningtide deck designs

Morningtide was released last week, and per the new policy, is already Standard legal. Although I can’t promise massive creativity, here are some post-Morningtide Standard deck designs. We have (all in the extended):
That’s Weird – A fast-paced aggro goblin deck that hopes to have some reach past turn three
Oblivion Idyll – A creatureless deck that leverages the power of Idyllic Tutor and combines it with a transformative sideboard for game two
Prowl Rack – A TarmoRack update that builds in some interesting synergies with Dryads and Outlaws, of all things.


22 Creatures:
Knucklebone Witch
Mogg Fanatic
Squeaking Pie Sneak
Mogg War Marshal
Wort, Boggart Auntie
Greater Gargadon
16 Spells:
Warren Weirding
Boggart Shenanigans
22 Land:
Auntie’s Hovel
Sulfurous Springs
Graven Cairns
Keldon Megaliths
15 Sideboard:
Thorn of Amethyst
Molten Disaster

That’s Weird (B/R goblins)
Sam Black won the car tournament at Worlds 2007 with a B/R goblins deck that included several ways to burn goblins for value and Boggart Shenanigans to add value to that….value. This deck tries to push the mana curve down from its five-mana heights in Sam’s deck (he topped out at Siege-Gang Commander, a perfectly solid Goblin) to make a faster aggro deck that uses Shenanigans for additional reach, under the watchful eye of everyone’s favorite incremental devaluer, Greater Gargadon. This deck’s mana curve is very low, and it’s split evenly between ones and twos:
One mana – 16 cards (counting the Gargadons as one-drops — you’re never hard-casting one)
Two mana – 16 cards
Three mana – 4 cards
Four mana – 2 cards
I’m looking forward to giving the Warren Weirdings a try, as they seem like a neat dual-use card. In most cases, you’ll Cruel Edict an opposing blocker out of the way, but sometimes you’ll convert a random Goblin into two Goblins and a point of Shenanigan damage, with no tempo loss (hey, they get Haste!). That seems really useful in this build.

34 Spells:
Coldsteel Heart
Idyllic Tutor
Oblivion Ring
Wrath of God
Garruk Wildspeaker
Porphyry Nodes
Hoofprints of the Stag
Temporal Isolation
Sacred Mesa
Story Circle
Imperial Mask
24 Land:
Horizon Canopy
Treetop Village
15 Sideboard:
Eyes of the Wisent
Quirion Dryad

Oblivion Idyll (W/G enchantment toolbox with transformative sideboard)
I do like tutors. The baseline configuration for this deck is a creatureless deck featuring extensive removal and four Idylls to allow access to a toolbox of enchantments featuring silver bullets and win conditions. Naturally, it also has a four-pack of Garruks, because, well, why not?
Since I expect a deck like this to be soundly rolled by control, it also has a completely transformative sideboard featuring Eyes, Goyf, Dryad, and Calciderm. Basically, you’re supposed to nearly the entire enchantment package (except for the Rings) and two of the Wraths, and side into super-fast beatdown. Of course, if your opponent is at all on the ball, they’ll see this kind of thing coming from a deck that’s creatureless in game one, so you need to decide if your transformation into a creature-based deck can survive whatever their sideboard has to offer by way of removal.
Still, tutors are fun, and I like the idea of being able to go for appropriate solutions using Idyllic. I suspect that my current build is far from the most interesting possible take on the idea, too.

16 Creatures:
Dunerider Outlaw
Oona’s Blackguard
Quirion Dryad
22 Spells:
The Rack
Warren Weirding
Noggin Whack
22 Land:
Llanowar Waste
Treetop Village
Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
15 Sideboard:
Krosan Grip
Pithing Needle

Prowl Rack (B/G discard aggro)
This started as a simple update of B/G TarmoRack, but I quickly noticed a number of unexpected synergies that might actually make for a good deck. For starters, we include the normally suboptimal Dunerider Outlaws, who, as Rogues, can benefit from the gift of a free +1/+1 from the Blackguard and can, like the Blackguard, Rogue out an early Noggin Whack.
On top of this, the Outlaws and the Dryads accrue their own +1/+1 counters independent of the Blackguards, which means that they can power the Blackguard-based discard even if the Blackguard wasn’t around when they came out. Consider this play:
Turn 1: “Thoughtseize you.”
Turn 2: “Quirion Dryad.”
Turn 3: “Play Blackguard, Dryad gets +1/+1, attack with Dryad, you discard.”
And so forth. The Warren Weirding is nice, unavoidable removal that also feeds you Goyfs Tribal in case no one else is willing to help out.
The rest of the deck is straightforward disruption and aggro, finishing your opponent off with The Rack, Villages, grumpy Goyfs or giant Dryads. Sounds fun, doesn’t it?