Organ donor to the stars – the deck that didn’t get there

Given that I’ve recently pushed for players to prepare for events, it’s with some embarrassment that I have to admit that I was not especially prepared for the Standard portion of the SCG Open Series event in San Jose last week. I’d prepped for the Legacy portion in late December, then things came up, as they tend to do, and I found myself without time to do the requisite testing for Standard.
But hey, you’re not going to not go, right?
As you can see in my round one feature match, there were issues. Even so, some of you wanted to see the deck list, so I’m including it in the extended entry below…along with some notes about how I might take what turns out to be a reasonable enough structural base for a deck and improve it.
I’ll also explain the title of this post.

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Some snippets from the San Jose SCG Open event

Thanks to Inkwell Looter for taking over my camera to get some pics of me in the feature match area.
I had fun at the SCG Open Weekend in San Jose this past Saturday and Sunday. It was great meeting old friends and readers, and I had a lot of fun swinging out of my graveyard on both days – Saturday it was Vengevines, Sunday it was Ichorids and associated zombies.
I also appeared on the SCGLive coverage with Joey Pasco and Gavin Verhey (on Sunday), and showed up in the coverage on both days. If you missed it, here are the links:
Me versus Nathan Ward in Round 1 of the Standard Open. It did not end well. 🙂
The Deck Tech on my Dredge deck from the Legacy day. I may have more to say about this deck. This week, even. Watch for it!
Pic of me playing on the Standard day
Pic of me playing on the Legacy day. The caption lies – I’m certainly not Dredging up a storm with that Leyline of the Void opposing me. I did win that game, though, keeping a five-card, no-land hand featuring a critical Unmask. I may write about that, too.
I had a lot of fun, and think it would be great if I could make it to some other Open Series events this year.