This week’s In Development – your concepts go where you cannot

We had a local Nationals Qualifier last weekend – two, actually.
Sadly, I couldn’t make it to either one. Work took precedence and I had to let them slide. As you’d expect, it was pretty frustrating.
Although I wasn’t able to play with the deck I’d built and tested for the weekend, it turns out that someone else was.
Click here to read about how my deck got to play in the SCG Standard Open in Charlotte while I spent the weekend cracking down on some science.

What more does a card have to do to get banned?

Jonathan Richmond (aka norbert88) wrote this today on twitter, which I thought encapsulated the sentiment of the post-GP DFW discussion about Jace quite well:
Ted Knutson, who knows how to leverage controversy into blog traffic, has written about the case for banning Jace here. It’s a worthy read, and it segues into what I’m hoping will be an entertaining propaganda poster contest.
The question Jonathan asked can be simplified into the more basic, “What gets a card banned?”
Click through to the extended to find out.

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This week’s In Development – She’s big in Barcelona

It’s In Development time again, and this week I get to talk about playing U/B Control featuring this nice lady here.
Well, “featuring” in the sense that it runs two copies of Liliana and six copies of Jace. As always, various iterations of everyone’s favorite blue planeswalker tend to dominate any U/x control build at the moment. Nonetheless, it’s a deck that actually uses Liliana to good effect, so much so that Guillaume Wafo-Tapa cited her as the co-star MVP in his deck next to Precursor Golem.
I cut the Golems, so you can see where my loyalties lie.
Click here to read this week’s In Development, and then talk to me in the comments, via twitter, or email to let me know what you think about U/B Control in today’s Standard.

This week’s In Development – In lieu of Kodamas, Angels

You ever have one of those hazy, busy weeks where you don’t quite notice when the time passes?
Yeah. That’s this week.
Nonetheless, I still got to write about one of my Standard decks of choice this week over at ChannelFireball, and you can read about it by clicking here.
Lately, I’ve been drawn to everyone’s favorite 5/5 angel. In this week’s In Development, you’ll see the product of my fondness for the big lady combined with my appreciation of Magic history as I turn the way-back machine to 2005 in my search for new ways to kill Caw-Blade decks while remaining competitive against everyone else.
As always, click here to read it, and then hit me up on twitter or via email to let me know what you think.

This week’s In Development – Who wouldn’t want to play eight copies of Jane Goodall?

Another week, another In Development!
This time around I’m debuting a Standard deck that arose from my failed attempts to usefully combine Fauna Shaman and Green Sun’s Zenith in Extended. Although I won’t be playing that particular eight pack of cards in the PTQ this weekend in Santa Clara, I did come up with a powerful, new take on the Fauna Shaman deck.
Check it out here and then give it a twirl — it’s surprisingly powerful!
And then, of course, let me know what you think.
As a special bonus, brownie points (although no material prize) if you can catch the reference to a pen-and-paper roleplaying game that went out of print well before most of my readers were born.