All roads lead to revenge (or ‘What I played at the PTQ’)

I had a great time at the PTQ in Santa Clara a little over a week ago. My appreciation for PTQs is something I’ve written about before. They’re this great combination of seeing friends you don’t always get to see in person and getting to play against folks who have, by and large, brought their ‘A’ games.
Heading toward the PTQ week, I was working on a Fauna Shaman deck in Extended that didn’t pan out, but which led directly to this Standard list that I presented two weeks ago over at In Development. However, I knew that I wanted one of my options to be a list that used Fauna Shaman, as I have such an affinity for that card. As it happens, the lists that get the most use out of Fauna Shaman in Standard are Naya, which I dislike as being somewhat underpowered, and Jund, which uses the Shaman to pitch and recur Demigod of Revenge.
But I still wasn’t super-excited about Jund lists until Mike Flores posted his most recent take on “Animal Jund.” And while the specific build he presented didn’t quite do it for me, that did give me a test build to be the more aggro half of my pair of decks — the other being a slight update of the Immortal Engine, a blue/white control build.
Click through to Extended to read more about the Fauna Shaman list, what I did with it, and how it performed.

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