This week’s In Development – touched by an angel (naming red)

In Development time has come again, and this week the topic is the aggro-combo deck I’ve been monkeying with for the past week or two.
Yes, we are Trapping large things into play.
Click here to read about my adventures in Summoning, including a discussion of those Trap odds and the true engine of the Trap deck (hint: not its namesake card).

This week’s In Development – I can play my dudes now! Or not.

It’s In Development time again, and this week, well, it’s all about the ban.
Actually, it’s all about the aftermath of the ban. Now that the Jace test is off the table, we have a whole new world of old options that have been reintroduced, at least for the two weeks between the ban and the Magic 2012 release.
What are you looking forward to playing these days?
Click here to read the article, then join the discussion on what works and what doesn’t in the wake of the bans.

Two weeks of new Standard – what will it be?

It’s Standard-shifting time!
On the July 1st, the ban on Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Stoneforge Mystic goes into effect. Just two weeks later Magic 2012 will roll into the format, but in the meantime, we’re in Zendikar – M11 – Scars Standard.
No doubt you’ve already seen a lot of writing on the topic.
Want to take a few minutes to have your say?
You can click here to answer three questions about the new Standard, starting with everyone’s favorite – “What’s the best deck?”
It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes, and will help feed into some new content for next week.
So click here and have your say