PT Hollywood 2008: Decklists and outliers

Decklists are now available for day one, day two, and, of course, the top eight at Pro Tour Hollywood 2008. Here are the links:
Day One, A-M
Day One, N-Z
Day Two
Top Eight
So, are there any interesting outliers of note? Curious deck choices we didn’t hear about? The two standout “weird” decks of the tournament were Manual B’s mana-greedy control deck and Stuart Wright’s B/R Tokens build, but I’m always curious about other nonstandard choices people brought, and how they paid off. Let’s take a look (in the extended):

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Pro Tour Hollywood 2008: Watch the hall of fame in action

After dropping from the PTQ on Saturday, I eventually wandered over to the Feature Match area. I arrived in time to watch hall of famer Zvi Mowshowitz play Helmut Summersberger in game two of their round 15 match. Here’s the video:

You can read the text coverage of the match here.
Afterward, I caught a bit more video of Zvi explaining his deck’s strengths, using an earlier matchup as an example: