2009 North American regionals – May 16th

Courtesy of a heads up from Bill Stark, we can all go check out the locations for North American regionals tournaments. Regionals this year come up on May 16th (which is two days after I come back from travel, so that’s handy).
Regional tournaments feed into your country’s nationals, yielding from 2-8 invitations (most of them clock in at 4). I encourage you all to attend the nearest regionals if you can. It’s a fun tournament that brings together a wider swathe of your local Magic community than a PTQ would, while still remaining a competitive environment.

Summer Magic events – Regionals, PTQs

Having just competed in the first two PTQs of the Pro Tour Berlin 2008 PTQ season, I took a look today at upcoming tournaments on the summer schedule. As it happens, Regionals is right around the corner, and the PTQs in our area come late in the season. Let’s take them in order…
U.S. Regionals take place very, very soon, on Saturday, June 7. The format is Standard. You can find information on Regionals and see where your Regionals is at the information page here. The Bay Area regionals will once again have four invites to Nationals.
Following the two PTQs we attended at Hollywood, the Berlin PTQ season is going to go into full swing starting in mid-June. You can find your local PTQs by going to your region from the PTQ info page. Our area qualifiers are:
June 28, at the San Jose Convention Center – This will be Lorwyn-Morningtide-Shadowmoor
August 16, at the Santa Clara Convention Center – This will be Lorwyn-Morningtide-Shadowmoor-Eventide
August 23, at Great Escape Games in Sacramento – This will be Lorwyn-Morningtide-Shadowmoor-Eventide
The Los Angeles PTQs (two of them) are both TBA.
Note that Eventide becomes legal on July 25.