It’s going to be Legen…wait for it…DARY

For a set that was worth a lot of money right when it came out and that gave us one of the enduring power cards of Vintage, Legends is pretty godawful. Its flaws are many, and not really worth going into in depth right now. Just pull it up on Gatherer and you’ll quickly notice the poor costing, the utter lack of removal, and so forth. After all, in addition to the afore-mentioned cash card, this set also has one of the reigning candidates for worst creature ever (although if you start that conversation on a message board, you’d best be prepared to hear about the edge case that makes it so much better than this guy).
As I’ve been thinking about midrange Rock builds lately, it suddenly occurred to me to ask if I could make a reasonable Rock deck purely from the Legends set.
More in the extended. You’re on notice now — it’s not exactly good.

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