Oiso again

Masashi Oiso is this year’s Japanese national champion, coming out of a top eight that also featured Makihito Mihara, Yuuya Watanabe, and Shingou Kurihara. You can read full coverage here.
It’s cool to see Oiso win. Following a quartet of Pro Tour top eights, he stepped away from obsessive Magic play for a while. As he demonstrated with his fifth top eight at Pro Tour Yokohama 2007, however, he’s still amazing, and can win events when they come near him.
Also…I recommend clicking through here to see Osanbashi Hall in Yokohama, where Japanese Nationals was held this year. It’s basically a beautiful, floating convention hall. Very nice.
(For the curious — Oiso won out with a blue-white Lark deck of the non-infinite variety.)