San Diego Comic Con 2009 – Gaming schedule is up

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m off (tomorrow!) to San Diego for Comic Con International. The Con starts on Wednesday evening with preview night, and then runs through early-ish on Sunday evening.
When I first started attending the con as a kid, I spent the bulk of my time in the gaming rooms, with occasional forays to the exhibition hall. Of course, the convention had 10,000 or so people then, rather than the hefty 140,000 or so it clocks in at now. These days, I spend most of my time looking at the indy booths for interesting new work, talking to creators I know and like, and attending panels. That said, I’m still bringing a deck in case I decide to opt out for a while and play Magic.
This year’s gaming schedule has finally been posted. You can find the general listings by clicking here.
It looks like we once again see the expected mix of open gaming, organized console play, and CCGs, with the last category being represented by Magic and Pokemon.
You can find the Magic schedule here. There are Limited and Standard Constructed events on all four main convention days (Thursday-Sunday). Note, however, that if you’re thinking of popping by the convention and playing for a day, you’re out of luck – the convention is sold out. There’s also some EDH play, in tournament and league formats, for those who are into that apparently growing format (hey, I’m tempted, but have neither experience nor deck ready).
So, if you’re on your way to San Diego and want to game, now you’re all set to plan your days.