Dredge Street (a deck for Mirrodin-Zendikar Extended)

After having fun playing around with Vintage Dredge, I’ve spent much of the past week nonproductively attempting to revive (ahem) Dredge in the current Extended.
Unfortunately, the loss of Odyssey block has severely impinged on the power of Dredge, as you lose easy access to cards meant to ditch stuff into your graveyard and operate easily out of your graveyard. The loss of Cabal Therapy, for example, is pretty nasty.
After significant tinkering, I came up with a list that is, at the very least, fun to goldfish with. It’s still not solid enough that I’d want to take it out for a tournament spin, but I have nonetheless decided it’s worth posting.
Click through to the extended entry for the deck list and some brief remarks.

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