On a missed trigger

If you watched the top eight of PT Austin last weekend, you may have noticed that game five of the Kibler-Papatsarouchas match in the quarterfinals seems to have swung on a missed Angel of Despair trigger. Josh Silvestri commented on that in his column this week, largely from the perspective of trying to prevent these kinds of situations. Following a fairly extensive debate over Brian’s knowledge and intent in missing Papatsarouchas’s trigger, Brian himself chimed in:
I knew that Van missed the Angel of Despair trigger. I held my Baneslayer Angel in my hand when he cast Hypergenesis because I didn

The quirkiness of Shota Yasooka

Shota Yasooka made it to thirty-fifth place this week at Pro Tour Austin. You may have heard about the super quirky Gifts deck he ran in the Constructed portion of the PT. If not, well, click on through to the extended entry below where we’ll move back through time and take a look at the often unique decks that Yasooka has brought to premier events over the years.

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Pro Tour Austin – coverage and judge coverage

While you’re reading the Pro Tour Austin 2009 coverage, make sure to swing on by the Judge Blog where Riki Hayashi is providing the judge-side perspective on this fine event, including a near-game-loss for David Ochoa for sticking his deck back in his deck box incorrectly (fortunately, the judge was entirely on the ball there and helped David not randomly lose a game to that).
First fun of the day – reading Bill Stark’s archetype breakdown and seeing rather more Dredge than I expected. Hedron Crab is a nice enabler, but I’m super curious to see how the rest of the current Dredge list works out.
I also enjoyed Rich Hagon’s Anatomy of a Round.