Pictures from Pro Tour San Diego – Saturday

I’ve updated my Pro Tour San Diego photo set, so go on by and check them out. Some of these may also be showing up on Channel Fireball in the near future. Here are some highlights:
Yes, Watanabe drafted Jace
Watanabe drafts a Jace.
Tom Ross pushes for the win
Tom Ross plays hard for the win in round sixteen. He just missed the top eight (ninth!).
Colossal Magic - green deck!
Colossal Magic on Saturday night.
Lauren is gaining life, but not winning
Lauren Lee (Mulldrifting) plays in a public draft event.
Do I keep these six cards?
Do I keep this hand of six? (For the record, he made a good keep, but lost.)
Do I live?
Ben Seck (TBS) waits to see if his Zoo opponent will burn him out after TBS went all-in on the Marit Lage token.
The moment of victory!
The burn doesn’t quite do the trick, and Ben wins the PTQ.

Some pictures from PT San Diego

After scrubbing out of the PTQ this morning (0-2 drop, making it a particularly brief experience) I got myself credentialed as press and zipped around taking pictures of the main event. Many of these will be going up on ChannelFireball as soon as my illustrious editor can manage it – he’s on a flight to Alaska right now to go take down a PTQ (seriously).
You can get the full photoset here. Here are some fun highlights:
Sort of like a guardian angel
Tomoharu Saitou watches over 2005 World Champion Katsuhiro Mori’s shoulder. Mori’s opponent called a judge on him about five minutes later after Katsuhiro spent several minutes staring at his cards, trying to figure out how not to lose.
The Mystic and her favorite accessory
Stoneforge Mystic is the MVP of the Standard portion of this tournament, seeking out Basilisk Collars and Behemoth Sledges.
Dead Reckoning and Death’s Shadow. It’s a combo!

Breakfast of (Pro Tour) champions

Are you going to be at Pro Tour San Diego this week?
If you’re looking for breakfast on Saturday or Sunday morning, I’ll point you with great enthusiasm toward The Field, an authentic Irish pub that is our normal food stop in the morning before the San Diego Comic Con.
You know what’s better than stopping at Starbucks for a muffin?
Right. Guinness, black coffee, and an Irish breakfast (formerly an Ulster Fry) featuring eggs, rasher, sausage, black pudding (hint – that’s meat), white pudding (hint – also meat), potatoes, and Heinz beans.
Seriously. You won’t need to eat again for most of the day.
The Field is also, naturally, a pub, so you can stop in after a long day at the PT, at side events, doing coverage, or what have you.
The Field is open from 11am-2am on weekdays and 9am-2am on Saturday and Sunday.