Fun with Junk

After a hyper-busy week, I had a relaxing time at the Sunday Standard event at Superstars yesterday. With no time at all to prepare, I ran, card-for-card, the Stoneforge Mystic Junk list I wrote about in last week’s In Development. I went 4-1 and took second place; I think first may have gone to a Vampires deck that I never ended up playing. I beat Jund, 2-0 yet again in games that were quite fun. I still don’t understand why people are so traumatized by this deck, but I may touch on one reason in my In Development this week.
The most interesting deck I played against was the Mono-Green Tokens build in my last round match. I beat him 2-0, but I got to see how the deck worked better in some additional games we played after the match. I’m still favored, but the ability for his deck to do an end-of-turn Cobra Trap followed by an Overrun is hilarious. Similarly, an Eldrazi Monument powered by Garruk, Cobra Trap, and Bestial Menace is awesome and kind of scary. Fortunately, SMJ is a true cockroach, and can endure through these kinds of problems.
Most awesome was when I killed his Garruk and got Cobra Trapped afterward. Just imagine the Indiana Jones flavor there – the planeswalker calls down a Maelstrom Pulse to drive off his opponent’s planeswalker ally, and suddenly a swarm of cobras springs forth from the scorched earth left behind.
Other great fun on the day included a thirty-minute comeback game against Mythic, which saw me go all the way down to two life, and then come right back up to over sixty life and the win, and using a Tectonic Edge to screw up my Jund opponent’s combat math and swing for the win with my Knights.
I’m really enjoying Standard right now, and look forward to any opportunity to play it with our great pool of local players.