The future of Star Wars minis

Some random notes from the most recent Star Wars miniatures chat, with the game designers (who, incidentally, are very good at following the online SW minis community and using it as a gauge of what’s working and what’s not):
For the Endor pack:

  • Intended to deliver a handful of miniatures and lots of maps

Champions of the Force, the next expansion, will contain:

  • Additional New Republic units (not something I care about)
  • Yuuzhan Vong not represented
  • Lucas nixed many Old Republic units, so more Sith than Old Republic
  • Queen Amidala
  • Exar Kun

For the upcoming spacecraft miniatures game:

  • Miniatures will be “relatively” sized, rather than truly in scale
  • Will not supplant the normal minis game in the production schedule

Upcoming releases in general:

  • As long as people keep buying
  • They have a couple years’ worth of material planned
  • Bounty Hunters set will have remakes and new bounty hunters
  • No new Ewoks in the next two sets, but there does seem to be a demand
  • Their contact at Lucasfilm really wants them to make Jar-Jar
  • Their policy is to start providing set facts 6-9 months before release
  • Either a new Emperor or a Darth Plagueius figure will be showing up