Wholesale collectible gaming

Sometimes, the ads Gmail throws at me are dead on. Today I clicked through on an ad for Hill’s Wholesale Gaming, a dealer in large quantities of collectible gaming merchandise (largely CCGs). I can’t speak to their shipping prices yet, but if you’re interested in a game — especially a “dead” CCG/CMG — then their prices are pretty good, if they have the item in stock.
Examples of “dead” games and their prices:
Star Trek CCG unlimited box – 540 cards for $8
Star Wars CCG unlimited box – 540 cards for $12 (this is supposed to have been a good game, by the way)
.hack//Enemy booster box lot – 1,650 cards for $25
Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament booster box – 240 cards for $6
And what has me tempted?
Mechwarrior, naturally. The game isn’t dead, though, so its prices haven’t pitched off the face of the Earth yet.