Star Wars Spaceship Battle setlist and some stats

The next Star Wars minis game, Spaceship Battles, comes out at the end of November. Someone posted the setlist and some stats on the SW minis forum, so I’ve included both in the extended. One fun bit — the basic TIE Fighter comes with the ability “Infinite” — when it is destroyed, it is returned to the fighter pool and can be launched again.

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Wizards of the Coast has finally put up their information page for their upcoming Star Wars space minis game, which is due for release in late November.
Here’s the page
For the moment, this is a standalone, collectible-format game featuring a starter pack that comes with 8 randomized spacecraft as well as Executor and a big Mon Calamari ship, and boosters that each contain 7 minis.
They’ve also posted the rules here. They’re about as simple as the rules for the normal minis game, with the removal of the complications provided by cover and terrain in the normal game.
You can see a couple images of actual minis scattered around the site. At the moment, the Star Wars home page shows us an X-Wing, a TIE Interceptor and the Millennium Falcon. The product page features Slave I (in Jango rather than Boba colors, I’m told).