Star Wars Starship minis are go

The Star Wars Starship Battles Game went on sale this week. The starter was already sold out in both local game stores I checked in on today; the game has been much anticipated in the community.
The minis themselves look really good — better than the normal minis. This isn’t surprising, as the mass production methods used for collectible minis are more forgiving to vehicles than to people.
The stats for all the ships are already up at swshoebox, and my normal eBay source is posting the minis for sale today.

Kobolds lead the way

Bruno posted a truly awesome story of Kobolds on a mission to the SJGames Forums:
The obvious solution is not to find the unicorn, but to find the nearest princess. This has the added benefit that princesses rarely weigh 1500+ pounds and even more rarely have six foot spears grafted to their foreheads.
Full story in the extended.

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