The next Lego video game…

So two days ago, as we were playing Lego Star Wars (Original Trilogy), I commented that I would “buy a Batman game if it were done this way.”
So they’re making Lego Batman.
If you look carefully at the date on that article, you’ll note that this is not new news — but if I heard about it before, I’d forgotten.
It’ll be fun swinging around, tossing batarangs…

Magic, ebay, Paypal

I recently did a second round of purging of my old Magic: the Gathering cards via ebay. Last time, I accepted various forms of payment. This time, I only accepted Paypal, finding other things like money orders just too much of a hassle. I was concerned that this might negatively impact bidding, but it appears not to have had that effect.
The top performers:

  • Library of Alexandria – $152.50
  • A set of four Sinkholes, Beta edition – $118.84
  • Mana Drain – $102.56
  • Juzam Djinn #1 – $90.00
  • Juzam Djinn #2 – $85.00

I was expecting the Library to hit $130, so I’m happy that it managed to top that. Actually, everything went for somewhat higher than I expected. I tried to time the auction end times so that the maximum number of people would be able to bid; I have no idea if that helped boost the prices.