Follow the 2009 Magic Online Community Cup Challenge

Readers of Peter Jahn’s column at StarCity have heard about the Magic Online Community Cup Challenge, and event that pits some pillars of the Magic Online community against members of R&D in a pleasingly wacky, multi-format Magic event that kicks off with a Zendikar draft and goes on to include eight-person team constructed and other wildness.
You can follow the event here, as well as on twitter. Randy Buehler has come in as a ‘ringer’ on the Community team, which is pretty cool. Similarly cool are the linkouts from the event page to ongoing blogging by event participants.
The early draft news is fun, but I’m really looking forward to reading more about the weird Constructed formats that are coming up.

We get a GP! (premier events in 2010)

The GP schedule is up for 2010, and the Bay Area gets one. We’ll have a GP in Oakland February 13-14. The format is Extended, which seems awesome and something to look forward to. This event also feeds PT San Juan, which is a pretty good location to get a PT invite for.
The 2010 GP schedule can be found here.
Mana Nation is maintaining a comprehensive premier event schedule as well, collecting both GPs and PTs (and, I imagine, other large-scale events). You can find that here.

This week’s In Development, now with liner notes

This week’s In Develoment has gone up, and the subject is Building the Enemy – looking at recent deck lists and figuring out how that should influence our own design choices. It also includes a brief tournament report from a recent County Championship winner in the U.K.
I’ve included some “liner notes” for this week’s In Development in this post. Click through to the extended entry to see my current gauntlet, culled from the Decks of the Week data I talked about in my column.

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Tournament reports, after a fashion

Conveniently, and coincidentally, timed with Bill Stark’s recent call for tournament reports, Adam Smith over at Warhammer Tau has written about his recent experiences with his Tau army at the 40K Grand Tournament.
Rather than try to summarize, I’ll suggest that this is a fun read if you aren’t familiar with modern 40K but would like an insight into what it’s like to play the game competitively. Certainly, the game reports are automatically more colorful than a typical Magic report:
The Genestealers leapt upon the Hammerhead and immediately 4 of the 8 were torn apart by the flechette dischargers. Unable to land a single blow, they were in trouble.
The Tyranid warriors also charged in, but were only able to glance the vehicle, preventing it from firing next turn while losing one of their number to the flechette dischargers.
The rest of the Tyranid swarm rushed forward as before with the big stompy Carnifex getting dangerously close to the Broadsides along with the 32 strong gaunt swarm.

It’s just hard not to end up with vivid descriptions even from a fairly staid retelling of a 40K game.
You can read Adam’s day one report here
You can read Adam’s day two report here