It’s Gifts week at Channel Fireball (this week’s In Development)

Yesterday, Jonathon Loucks detailed a novel approach to making a Gifts Ungiven deck by deciding on the Gifts packages first, and then assembling the deck around it.
This week’s In Development, cleverly titled Wishing for Gifts, takes a look at my favorite deck, Gifts Ungiven, and the possibilities we can find in a Gifts Ungiven deck with Glittering Wish giving us access to a wishboard.

Upper Deck appears to have made a serious misstep

In late 2008, Konami sued Vintage over allegations that Vintage was repackaging counterfeit Yu-Go-Oh rares for the secondary market. Following the discovery period in this initial case, Konami found that the counterfeit cards were coming from Upper Deck, its contracted distributor in the United States.
As often happens in commercial cases on this scale, both companies then pushed for summary judgment. Briefly, this involves going to a judge and asking them to just decide that your opposition doesn’t have a case. In this case, Konami would have been asking for summary judgment that Upper Deck committed counterfeiting, and Upper Deck would be asking for summary judgment that Konami had no case and therefore was committing slander and libel by suggesting it.
This did not turn out well for Upper Deck. A quick review of the Court orders concerning the various summary judgment motions shows that Upper Deck’s primary defense was that the manufacturing of fake Yu-Gi-Oh cards constituted “promotional activity”, which would be allowed under the 2006 agreement between Konami and Upper Deck. The court didn’t buy this argument:

PoxStalker (a deck for Mirrodin-Zendikar Extended)

I’m almost certainly going to be playing a Gifts deck in the current PTQ San Juan Extended season, but in thinking about other possible archetypes, I’ve spent some time thinking about Extended porting of either the Team America Legacy deck or the old Standard TarmoRack deck.
I’m not sure if this deck can actually work out against the current Extended metagame, but I’ve gone through several iterations on it and included the most likely one to date in the extended entry.
Click through for deck list and commentary.

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This week’s In Development – An extended history

Remember when I reviewed how Gifts Ungiven was used through multiple Extended seasons? This week, I’m pitching the wisdom of doing that kind of review generally as we head into the new Extended PTQ season for San Juan.
In Building Your Extended Reference Library I’ve put together not only that pitch, but also a whole bunch of links to prior seasons and worked examples of what useful things we can learn from them.