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This evening sees the fifty-seventh (really!) In Development appear over at, and the debut of my new metagame analysis column The Field Report at
I’d like to thank LSV and Jon Saso for being cool with me writing for another site, and for Ted Knutson and Pete Hoefling for, well, the same thing for a new author. The content in the columns is quite different – everything you know and love about In Development will stay there, and The Field Report features a window into a whole aspect of my appreciation of the game that I haven’t really touched on before.
Click here to read this week’s In Development – All about tilt!
Chiba From a Thousand FeetClick here to read this week’s The Field Report – In which we take a high-level view of the Standard metagame.
…and then, as always, find me on twitter and let me know what you think.
Special thanks today to Riki Hayashi, who scooped me up from the Bay Area PTQ scene for in the first place and introduced me to a wider audience.

This week’s The Field Report – Indeed!

It’s The Field Report time.
What’s that? You haven’t of The Field Report?
Debuting this week is my new column for, featuring my usual analytical approach applied, on a regular basis, to relevant Constructed metagames.
This week, the focus is on a high-level view of Standard in the month leading up to Worlds in Chiba.
Click here to read the first edition of The Field Report, titled Chiba From a Thousand Feet, and then find me on twitter and let me know what you’d like to see next.