Your Legacy trend lines

So, given an SCG Open Series top sixteen that was heavily laden with both Mental Misstep and Stoneforge Mystic, is Legacy being snowed under by these two cards?
Well, I was curious about that, too. So here’s some information from the top sixteens for all the SCG Legacy Open events since June.
First, copies of Stoneforge Mystic and Mental Misstep in the top sixteens (listed as the percentage of the theoretical “maximum” of 64 copies across the top 16 decks).
Second, decks featuring Stoneforge Mystic and Mental Misstep (again, as a percentage of the maximum 16 copies in the top 16). Note that a deck is a “Mystic” or “Misstep” deck if it has even one copy of the card in question.
There aren’t enough data points to actually make anything of the apparent “upswing” caused by the results from today’s event, so I’d pay more attention to the averages in each case.
That works out to:
Stoneforge Mystic card percentage – 23.2%
Mental Misstep card percentage – 58.3%
Stoneforge Mystic deck percentage – 28.6%
Mental Misstep deck percentage – 63.4%
So, call it a quarter of the top sixteen decks, on average, featuring Stoneforge Mystic, and approaching two thirds featuring Misstep.
So far, I’d say I’m okay with that Stoneforge Mystic tally – for a card that forces the game to occur on the battlefield, that seems like a fine percentage.
On the other hand, I’m not sure if that Misstep tally is particularly “good” – but I don’t know that it’s “bad” either. It’s just kind of meh, like the prevalence of Force of Will. It’s a core element of the format, at least for now…and that seems okay to me, if not particularly interesting.
What do you think? Good sign? Bad? Let me know. I’m looking forward to seeing what the next Legacy Open brings.