Bonus mana base worksheets


This week’s In Development was about manabases, and included a manabase worksheet for the current Standard. You can go to the article to get that worksheet in Excel format.

I’ve received a lot of requests for a similar worksheet for Modern.

As it happens, I made one of those for the last Modern PTQ season, and wrote about it in The Very Model of a Major Modern Manabase. The worksheet is in Numbers format, and will break if you try to import it into Excel, unless things have changed since I last checked. You can download it from the linked article, which also includes a handy video tutorial on how to use the worksheet.

I’ve written about prior Standard manabases (with associated worksheets) in All Your Victories Begin Here, which had worksheets for Scars – Innistrad Standard. If you want to go back even farther, you can read Building a Deep Mana Base.

I’m thinking of making an updated Modern manabase worksheet using Excel this time. That has dual advantages (as I mentioned in the most recent In Development) – it’s usable by more readers and I don’t have to hand code the hypergeometric distribution.

If any of you have specific questions you’d like to see answered by a worksheet, let me know and I’ll see if I can tackle them.