Mana base worksheets for Modern and Theros

Obviously, I haven’t been writing much Magic content lately.

Chalk that up to the world of science taking up my time, especially with the founding of our new little research company and working to finish up some publications from my prior research.

I’ve had some requests for both a new Standard mana worksheet and, well, any of my other relevant ones. As it happens, I did knock together a worksheet for the new Standard, and haven’t had the time to write an article about it.

Click here for the Theros Standard mana worksheet

In case you’re having trouble finding it, here’s the Modern mana worksheet:

Click here for the Modern mana worksheet

If you need a general primer on how to use this type of worksheet, read Making Modern Mana over at ChannelFireball.

As always, I’m happy to hear your thoughts and comments.

Really, quite devoted to tempo

Just because I was curious, here are all the 24+ point decks from the Standard portion, broken down by archetype:

Blue Devotion – 6 decks
Gruul (Red) Devotion – 2 decks
Azorius Control – 1 deck
Black Devotion – 1 deck
Esper Control – 1 deck
Naya Aggro – 1 deck
Orzhov Midrange – 1 deck
Red Devotion – 1 deck

Broken down by category:

Tempo – 6
Aggro – 4
Control – 2
Midrange – 2