Sith goodness

We just watched the Revenge of the Sith trailer.
I’m psyched.
I’m well aware that Attack of the Clones is a painful movie experience. Note all the rewriting stuff earlier.
Regardless, I’m psyched.
On a related note of Sith Goodness, I recently bought one booster of miniatures for the Clone Strike set for Star Wars Miniatures. We mostly have original trilogy miniatures and haven’t bought prequel ones, as there’s just more of an emotional attachment to, say, Stormtroopers than Clonetroopers. kwc bought the Clone Strike starter set, so he has General Kenobi and Jango Fett (to complement his Boba Fett from the original set). I decided I’d buy one booster to see what I ended up with, and I now have Darth Maul. Nifty, and a good complement to my Darth Vader.
We ran the two against each other a few times and Maul won unless Vader got lucky. This makes sense, though, as Maul is better on his own, whereas Vader is a good team player (assuming the other members of the team don’t mind summary executions when they screw up).