Sticker shocklands, once again

In the last two months, I’ve been thinking of (gradually) picking up a full set of the shocklands, those Ravnica duals that are nearly as good as the classic, Legacy-and-Vintage-only duals I sold off two years ago. I have two reasons:
1) I think they’ll be back in a core set soon enough, perhaps as soon as eleventh edition (which I hope maintains tenth’s black borders, by the way)
2) Once Extended rolls over in late 2008, we’ll actually have the makings of a decent Extended card set across my pool of friends (for this same reason, I’ve been rounding out my Kamigawa collection, since I’ve gone back and decided I really do enjoy the flavor of Kamigawa block after all)
However, you always need more lands than anything else, and with only one amongst us having Ravnica duals, it figures that we’re going to want more. Fair enough — there’s no rush, so we should be able to pick up them up at a fair price…and until the beginning of December, that was true, with playsets of four shocklands going for less than twenty dollars.
But not anymore. Checking in with ebay shows that the prices are shooting right back up, although still short of their full-legal-in-Standard heyday. So what gives?
It’s PTQ season for PT Hollywood!
With an Extended PTQ season kicking up on January 5th, it’s no wonder that people are rushing to pick up shocklands and the prices are going back up. Fine by me, as I’m almost certainly not going to waste my money by trying to play in an Extended PTQ. I will look forward to the end of the PTQ season in early March, when people will be dumping their duals once again. In the meantime, I remain fascinated by the forces pushing the Magic secondary market.