Why do you hate elves?

“shanoxilt” asks us this question on the RPGnet forums. Specifically, the question was:
Every time someone starts a topic that mentions fantasy cliches, many people respond that they hate elves.
Can somebody explain why they are so hated?
Personally, I think that there are so many varieties of elves that it is difficult to not find at least one type to enjoy.
Thank you for your replies. Have a pleasant day.

Some of the many fun and typically accurate replies:

The defining characteristic of elves is that they’re better than you. – Ratoslav

A race of mary-sue’s, whats not to hate.
Iron Kingdoms gave them katanas and trench coats, talk about overkill.
– GoodnightChesty

They’re the Vulcans of the Fantasy world.
Superior in every fascet, they’re stronger, faster, taller, more beautiful, smarter, and can live for many human generations. Their only downfall is that they lack the “unstable emotions” that come with being “human”.
Because of this, I’ve found, far to many of the closet basement nerds seem to be drawn to the idea of the fantasy “Master Race” and have either deemed to want to become one, idolize them, or honestly believes they are one.
– Archangel777

aaannnd that they didn’t have to do any real work to get that way. Look at Tolkien’s elves.
They have the finest food and wine. You ever see elves cooking? Nope. They have the best weapons and armor. You ever see sweaty, grimy elves toiling over a hot forge? Nope. They have the most beautiful homes. You ever see an elven carpenter or stonemason? Nope. They have the noblest, most beautiful steeds. You ever see an elf shoveling shit?
They’re prettier than you, wiser than you, stronger and faster and more skilled than you, they’ll live forever, and everything they have they conjure up with their pretty pretty princess magical pixie fairy fuckwit powers.
– Halloween Jack