Three from Morningtide

This post is about some spoilers for the upcoming Magic set Morningtide, the second set in Lorwyn block…so the bulk of it is in the extended.
You can check out the official Morningtide minisite by clicking here.
The spoilers come from the MTGSalvation spoilers here. Generally, I only trust spoiled cards with the actual card art (and you even have to be careful then, as people can mock up perfectly respectable cards), so that’s what I’m discussing here.

This week brought the first three spoiled cards from Morningtide that really managed to get an “oooh” response out of me. Chameleon Colossus is probably a good card (4/4 Pro-black guy with bonus random pump ability seems decent), but these three all sharply caught my attention for one reason or another, so I’m going to highlight them here. Let’s start with…
Kinsbaile Borderguard
Last weekend, it occurred to me that my Commands Rock deck could, pretty reasonably, be turned into a Lorwyn block deck. I went ahead and stripped it down to the Lorwyn-only version (and, given my limited online collection, ended up with a wacky, piecemeal sideboard that somehow still works). I quickly found myself hating the hobbits as a pure Kithkin deck would go Stalwart into Stalwart into Militia’s Pride, overrun you with hobbits and by the way activate my Windbrisk Heights.
So, the “ooh” this card got out of me was of the “oh, that’s going to be awful to deal with” variety. It’s a Quirion Hobbit that breaks into a bunch of little hobbits when it dies. Sure, it’s “expensive” for a Kithkin deck at a whopping three, but it, along with Champion critters, inspires me to start fielding removal that doesn’t kill its target, instead RFGing it (gonna have to splash for those Rings).
Next up is something that seems like it should displace other X spells from red-deck builds…
Titan’s Revenge
Instead of burning someone for X, you burn them for X-1…with maybe a one-in-three chance of getting your burn spell back to do it again, along with potentially massaging your next topdeck into (wait for it) more burn. This seems just straightforwardly good. Not much more to say about this one.
Finally, we have Maralen of the Mornsong
Recurring search packed into a creature. Awesome!
Or perhaps not, since it’s slightly asymmetrical in your opponent’s favor, as they get the first search. On the plus side, it burns them when it happens, so it’s sort of a “Confidant for you, Confidant for me” play.
The obvious thing to do with any symmetric card is to break the symmetry. We can break symmetry for one turn (giving us a lead) by ditching Maralen and then bringing her back at their EOT with Makeshift Mannequin. I suppose we could also combo her with an Aven Mindcensor, but that seems potentially, well, a little terrible.
Maybe it’s not? Apparently people actually use Mindcensor in Vintage. I’m not sure if good players do that, though, as I don’t play Vintage, and only occasionally dip into it by reading a Menendian article.
Regardless, even having not yet figured out how she may or may not be cool, I am tickled by Maralen. Confidants all ’round!