Morningtide standouts: White

With the full card list from Morningtide available following the prerelease, I’ve done a first-pass look at the cards. Color-by-color, I’ll be putting up some of the standouts. Some of these may not turn out to be, well, good — they’re cards that caught my eye, more than anything. For the white edition, I saw three cards that initially grabbed my attention. Click over to the extended for those three cards and a decklist.

I don’t really play much limited, but this is clearly an amazing addition to the U/W Merfolk draft archetype. The Schoolmaster + Summon the School yields obscene amounts of Merfolk, which in turn play into the milling and lifegain aspects of the Merfolk deck. It’s slow, but that’s the idea behind Merfolk much of the time — slow but completely inevitable. Solid.
This caught my eye because it can recur Martyr of Sands. It’s not the endless lifegain of Proclamation plus Martyr, but it’s also Blinkable and Mannequin-able, and it can grab a broader range of creatures. It feels like there may be a strong combo there — but then, I get that feeling anytime something recurs stuff from the graveyard.
I do love recursion.
(…and on a flavor-related note, that is one wacky, wacky looking elemental. Sort of looks like how one imagines an old testament angel looking, all wings and light. Appropriate for something that brings folks back from the dead.)
I discussed this already in “Three from Morningtide”. It seems like a great late-game card for a dedicated Kithkin deck. In fact, I prefer it to Thoughtweft Trio. Consider:
Traits of the Trio
Must champion a Kithkin
Costs 4 mana
A 5/5 Vigilant blocks-everyone beater is quite solid
Returns your championed Kithkin when killed
Traits of the Borderguard
Must have Kithkin in play to be really worthwhile
Costs 3 mana
Explodes into a horde of potentially game-finishing Hobbits when killed
Overall, I’m happier with the second option, if I’m looking for a Kithkin finisher. Cheaper, and more likely to produce game-ending options when it’s hit by removal. Also, it’s not tragic if you bring it out and your board is cleared in response, as you minimally get a vanilla 1/1 in play.
A tutor! A tutor without limitations, that puts the card right into your hand!
Oh, except it has to be enchantments. Hmmm.
Still, it’s a tutor. More than recursion, I love tutoring for things. Heck, I have Primal Command in my Commands Rock deck.
So, what good is a white enchantment tutor? Well, there’s a laundry list of decent white enchantments, many of them being of a silver-bullet-ish nature. What if we put together a deck that used Idyllic Tutor to access a toolbox of exciting solutions? Hmmm…
Idyllic Oblivion

2 Creatures:
Yavimaya Enchantress
32 Spells:
Porphyry Nodes
Coldsteel Heart
Hoofprints of the Stag
Sacred Mesa
Temporal Isolation
Seal of Primordium
Idyllic Tutor
Oblivion Ring
Story Circle
Aura of Silence
Garruk Wildspeaker
Imperial Mask
Primal Command
26 Land:
Horizon Canopy
Mouth of Ronom
Treetop Village
15 Sideboard:
Wrath of God
Teferi’s Moat
Eyes of the Wisent
Sacred Mesa
Seal of Primordium

Named after the two major four-ofs in the deck, Idyllic Oblivion is sort of like a W/G Martyr deck…sort of. It seeks to control the board with Oblivion Rings and a toolbox of tutorable enchantments, and then win with Treetop Villages, Garruk, and the occasional massive Yavimaya Enchantress. The sideboard contains backup copies of certain solutions as well as a suite of Wraths in case something annoying and Shroud-ey comes out, or in case someone’s overrunning you with goblins.
I’m sure this could be tuned, as it’s just an off-the-cuff draft, but I can imagine a toolbox build like this being a lot of fun to play.