Morningtide standouts: Red – In the land of giants

Red has a number of good cards in Morningtide, one of which is already raking in the big bucks on ebay, and one of which is a charming little common. Full discussion in the extended.

That’s a hilarious picture.
I initially misread this as allowing everyone to search, including you. That would be, well, unbalanced. In contrast, it’s a new take on the Hunted Wumpus archetype. You get an undercosted critter, they get a free one. This time, they get to search for a free one. How bad is this? Depends on the matchup. Versus B/x, you’re probably giving them a Shriekmaw that will kill your Heavyweights (oops). You want to use this against a creatureless deck (are there any out there right now?) or against, say, a Kithkin or Goblin deck.
That’s narrow enough that you may not even want the Heavyweights as a sideboard card.
Mike Flores previewed this card last week. It’s a red 3/3 for three mana that will grow by a little over +0.5/+0.5 per turn and will filter your lands into your graveyard. Seems perfectly solid in an aggro deck, powers Tarmogoyf, and thins your deck of land. Apparently, y’all have agreed with Mike, because the Crusher is already going for a tidy sum on ebay, enough so that I won’t be touching it anytime soon.
Is it really as good as all that? Certainly, it’s a solid addition to RDW builds. It grows, it feeds the Goyf with a card type that doesn’t hit the graveyard as often as others do. A curve that goes Fanatic-Goyf-Crusher is, in a word, brutal.
I do love this one.
Years of development have shown that Lightning Bolt is undercosted, with 3 damage for one mana. Adding one gives you Incinerate and apparent balance. Now, we see that 3 damage for one mana is entirely cool, if you’re also willing to lose a land.
It’s a bit of a fixed Shrapnel Blast. I say “fixed” because Shrapnel Blast, while being limited to Affinity builds, does a bit too much damage for its cost. Of course, that’s over in the wacky land of Extended, so we’ll not think about it for now, but to note that losing a land is a distinctly more annoying drawback than throwing away an excess Ornithopter or Springleaf Drum.
Still, I think it’s likely to be worth it for such a nice mana-cost-to-damage ratio. I’m happy enough with it that I stuck it into my tentative Sligh build, described here. I fully expect it to be a part of many R/x aggro decks (and note that it, like the Crusher, feeds the Goyf — giving it both an Instant and a Land).
I was impressed by Titan’s Revenge when it was previewed. For the cost of one point of damage, you get a maybe 30-40% chance of just getting the card right back after you burn the opponent. Even failing that, you get to filter your next topdeck, which is brilliant in an aggro deck. Once again, I’m looking forward to using this in aggro decks, and included it in my tentative Sligh build. So far, ebay buyers appear not to be valuing this as highly as I do.