Morningtide standouts: Green – a mixed salad

I am not super-thrilled by the green cards in Morningtide, even among the standouts. Perhaps I would be more excited if I were playing hardcore treefolk or elf decks…but both styles of play feel suboptimal to me. Ah, well. Regardless, some cards stood out to me, in particular one creature — more in the extended.

A 4/4 pro-black creature for four mana? Sounds solid.
Oh, and it can become an 8/8, or on rare occasion, a 16/16.
This might well go into some form of Rock concoction, if I can manage to find the room for it. It can’t be Shriekmawed, or Terrored, and while your opponent is scrambling for reasonable removal, you can crank it up to an 8/8 and beat them to death with it. Gotta like it.
Sure, it’s just a 2/5…but it’s a recurring 2/5! As I’ve said before, recursion excites me. If (if, if, if) you have Doran in play, you’re also effectively making 5/5s…but then, if you have Doran in play, aren’t you supposed to be winning?
I suspect Reach is not good. But…it recurs, and so it catches my eye.
As I mentioned above, I don’t really like playing elf decks, but if I were going to, I would like this guy. It’s a 2/2 that, much of the time, will generate free 2/2s for you along the way — 2/2s that will be given Deathtouch by the Packmasters you presumably also have in your elf deck.