Walking up the cost ladder with Morningtide

When I put together a deck, whether it be from a sealed card pool, a draft pool, or “all the cards I own and can borrow,” I like to look at cards arrayed by cost. In general, it’s a lot more useful to think about where cards fall on the mana curve than where they fall on the color pie. Thus, despite having just reviewed a bunch of cards by color in the last few posts, when I really look at Morningtide with an eye toward the kind of constructed Standard decks I like to build, I’m far more likely to go to Gatherer and arrange things by cost.
Following that train of thought, in the extended I’ve listed the true constructed highlights (for my style of play!) in the set, in cost order.

It will usually come into play tapped for me, since I’m never running a treefolk other than Doran, but…it’s still a land that can do two of its three colors for pain, and one of its colors pain free. That said, I’m not touching this one until the cost stabilizes. Right now, it’s too expensive.
Of course it’s good. It’s (almost) a Mishra’s Factory. I remember running four Factories, back in the day. Again, these are expensive right now. I’m happy to stick to my Treetop Villages until the market is a little more flush with Mutavaults and they’re not $30+ for a playset.
An almost-Shrapnel-Blast for a new era. I’m definitely looking forward to “Rift Bolt resolves…attack you…Incinerate you…Shard Volley you.”
A lot of people are on the Bitterblossom bandwagon right now, it seems. I think this may actually turn out to be less effective than people think it is, and the price may drop off after a while. For now, it’s pricier than I feel like paying to try it experimentally in a Sligh deck, but it does look like it could be a lot of fun.
I think this is an amazing card — burn with a chance for more burn, and filtering. Note that it properly appears higher on the mana curve, as Gatherer places “X” spells at X=0 when you sort by cost.
In a set that packs a generic “remove nearly anything” enchantment (Oblivion Ring), a tutor for enchantments has the rare ability to shine. I can seriously imagine a toolbox deck that takes advantage of Idyllic Tutor to power out a range of answers.
Less seriously, I am considering a double-toolbox deck that packs both Idyllic Tutor and Glittering Wish. I’ll take a shot at that mess in a later post.
Yes, letting your opponent tutor is bad. However, I think Maralen can work in a very aggressive deck. I don’t, however, think she’s at all good in the weird pseudo-combo circumstances people have been promoting for her. As another commentator said, if you’re EOTing her out with Teferi…well, haven’t you already won?
These guys are expensive right now. I’m looking forward to seeing, post-February 1, if they’re actually appearing in some Extended builds (one would think not, but the way they’re selling now…). I suspect these guys are just good, but I don’t think they’re necessarily “current prices” good.
These guys are also quite pricey right now, again more than I’m willing to pay. I’m debating whether I really would use them or not. Yes, it’s nice being immune to Shriekmaws…but Doran is also immune to Shriekmaws, and cheaper, and, most salient of all, I have a playset of Dorans already (and Doran costs about twice as much now as he did when I picked up my playset…a cost increase driven in part by Uri Peleg’s win at worlds and in greater part by the popularity of Doran decks in PTQs right now).
…and that’s pretty much it. Eight rares, one common. Many of the rares are more expensive right now (just ahead of the official release) than I care to pay for them. Fair enough. I don’t think any of my current decks will suffer terribly for not having these cards, although clearly, Mutavault is a ridiculously flexible card that is an automatic four-of in many, many decks. For the moment, then I’ll be happy with my common-uncommon playset, and I’ll watch the prices and maybe pick up Titan’s Revenge before people figure out that it’s good.