The combo goes *clunk*

One of the Johnny-tastic (that is, creativity-inspiring) cards from Morningtide is the critter-recurring Reveillark. Sort of a Proclamation of Rebirth on a stick, the Reveillark is part of a tenuous combo engine that depends on these three cards:
…and then some creature of power 2 or less that can win you the game if it zooms in and out of play a whole lot. The basic mechanics of the combo work as follows:
Get Mirror Entity and Reveillark into play, and get Body Double and a win condition creature either into play or into your graveyard.
Use Mirror Entity’s ability with X = 0. Respond to this with the same ability, with X = 0 again. Do this an arbitrarily large number of times.
Everything dies, Reveillark’s ability triggers, bringing back Body Double (copying Reveillark) and a win condition creature.
Resolve the next Mirror Entity activation. Everyone dies. Body Double copying Reveillark triggers Reveillark’s ability, and the cycle repeats.
So what are our win cons? Well, honorable mention goes to Marsh Flitter and Mogg War Marshal for generating arbitrarily large armies of Goblins (Rogues and Warriors, respectively!), but in reality, there are very few actual win conditions. Here they are:
Highway Robber – simply kill your opponent via life loss
Venerable Monk – gain a ton of life
Aven Riftwatcher – gain a ton of life, the airborne version
Merrow Witsniper – mill them out
So what’s the ideal frame for this somewhat clunky combo? Given its similarity to the venerable (and somewhat more durable) Project X combo, one feels that this might best be shoehorned into a deck that can function without the combo. Project X was basically a midrange, rock-style deck that also had a combo (with two ways to win — infinite life and infinite 1/1s). We probably want something similar, although blue-white is an odd color combination for midrange beats. I’m not yet convinced that there’s a straight white-blue or a white-blue-black deck that will power this clunky combo to victory. As such, no decklist in the extended this time. I’m still waiting on the Idea Fairy for that one.