Pro Tour Kuala Lumpur: Coverage et al

Pro Tour Kuala Lumpur is currently ongoing. Day one (Friday) is complete. As always, there are a lot of ways you can check in on what’s happening, starting with the Wizards YouTube channel:

Rich Hagon and Bill Stark are standing in for Randy and Brian David-Marshall because Randy was called away by work concerns and Brian is rather sick with pneumonia. Rich Hagon and Bill Stark are very good replacements. If you read tournament coverage, you’ve probably read some of Bill’s writing, and if you listen to the Podcasts from tournaments and European GPs, you’ve heard Rich Hagon’s excellent audio coverage.
You can read Kuala Lumpur coverage at the Pro Tour Kuala Lumpur 2008 web page. This page leads to some individual match coverage, individual round results, the daily blogs, and so forth.
You can also listen to Rich Hagon’s audio coverage from the podcast page. Rich does an excellent job with the podcasts, both in terms of content and in presentation. He’s a natural performer, and manages some really interesting interviews in each podcast. I appreciate his match coverage most of all — I found audio narratives of matches much more pleasing than text-based ones.
So far, perhaps the most intriguing outcome from the first day of this limited-format event (Lorwyn block draft) is high-level finishes from hall of fame players. At the end of round seven, we had Nicolai Herzog in thirteenth (6-1) and Jon Finkel in fifteenth (6-1 as well).
Only two players ended day one with perfect records: Paul Cheon and Martin Juza.
Finally, of last year’s Pro Tour winners, only two made the cut to day two: Guillaume Wafo-Tapa (6-1) and Mike Hron (5-2).