Pro Tour Kuala Lumpur: An amazing top eight

The second day of swiss rounds finished some time ago in Kuala Lumpur, and the resulting top eight is one of the coolest ones I’ve seen. Check it out:
1. Jon Finkel — Hall of Fame member, with eleven Pro Tour top eights and two Junior Pro Tour top eights, from back when they had those. Jon is in with a 13-1-1 record, the only one in the tournament to do so well.
2. Guillaume Wafo-Tapa — Winner of Pro Tour Yokohama 2007.
3. Mike Hron — Winner of Pro Tour Geneva 2007
4. Joel Calafell — Top eight at GP Stuttgart 2007 and top sixteen at GP Bilbao 2005.
5. Marcio Carvalho — Top eight at Worlds 2005, as well as four GP top eights, including a win at GP Lisbon.
6. Nicolai Herzog — Another Hall of Fame member, with four PT top eights, including two in the same season, and two GP top eights.
7. Ming Xu — The only amateur in the group, Ming qualified on ranking, which is a pretty solid achievement.
8. Mario Pascoli — Multiple GP top eights, and a whole bunch of PT appearances.
I’m really looking forward to watching the top eight. You can watch it live by going to the live webcast page. The top eight webcast starts at 6:45 pm PST. I won’t be watching it live, however, as I’ll be off attending an animation showing and talk. Fortunately, Wizards archives this stuff pretty promptly, so I’ll download it and watch it then. I’m not sure what the ideal finish would be, but it might be something like Jon Finkel versus Ming Xu in the finals — hall of famer versus brand new guy from an emerging market. That’d be pretty good.
There’s one other notable finish — Steve Sadin came in twelfth. He’s decided to be serious about winning this year, and I suspect he’ll continue to move up the standings throughout 2008. Which is, all told, pretty cool.