PTQing the Bay Area

I’ve spent most of the weekend sick (or else, hey, I could have been at the underattended GP Vancouver, right?), so I’m not up for making much sense right now. But I did want to aggregate a couple useful bits of information ahead of next weekend’s PTQ here in the Bay Area.
The Top 64 decks at GP Vancouver 2008
The Top 8 decks at GP Vancouver 2008
A review of the prior Bay Area PTQ for this season
A review of this season’s Seattle PTQ
The Top 8 decks at the PTQ in Los Angeles
It’s hard to say whether one should look for a big influence from the top eighting decks at reported events, or just expect this time to be like last time. The last Bay Area PTQ has in early February, and featured 30 Doran decks, 26 Dredge decks, 21 Blue/Shackles decks, 19 Affinity decks, and 29 aggro R/G/x decks. There were just 9 Goblin decks, 9 Ideal decks, and a handful of other randomness. At GP Vancouver (as recorded here), the single biggest contingent was various R/G/x decks, followed by Blue control, then Doran, then Goblins (!), then Death Cloud…then Dredge and Affinity.
I know I’m going to play Kokusho, so now I’m looking at all of this information, pondering what kind of field I think I’m likely to face in a little less than a week.
Of course, for now I’m just willing my immune system to get it together and purge whatever I’ve caught from my system.