Pro Tour Hollywood 2008 information – side events and more

In case you haven’t seen it yet, Wizards has posted the full information page for Pro Tour Hollywood 2008, including information for participants, the LCQs, side events, artists, special hotel rates, and more. Given that this one is actually in my state, I’m seriously considering road-tripping down there to participate. Anyone else want to go?
PT Hollywood runs from May 23 to May 25 (with the LCQ on May 22).
Here are some highlights from the posted info:
Think you’ve qualified somehow? Check it here.
Still looking to qualify? The last-chance qualifier (LCQ) is the day before the event (May 22) starting at 4pm. Yes, 4pm. LCQs typically end shockingly late at night, letting a somewhat incoherent winner make a try at the PT the following morning. Even so, I’m thinking of trying for the LCQ. One…last…try! And so forth.
You can read the side events schedule here. Side events are open for all, and include:
8-player, single-elimination pickup events (Draft, Sealed, Standard, Extended) throughout the event.
10am – Shadowmoor sealed event with Apple products (Apple TVs, iPod Shuffles) as the top four prizes
12pm – PTQ for Berlin – Lorwyn-Shadowmoor block constructed
2pm – “Old Box” sealed deck – Shadowmoor sealed with Exodus and Urza’s Legacy boxes as the top two prizes
4pm – Digital camera constructed – Standard event with a digital camera as the top prize
6pm – Super FNM – Shadowmoor sealed with FNM promos as top prizes
10am – PTQ for Berlin – Lorwyn-Shadowmoor block constructed
12pm – Shadowmoor foil sealed – Shadowmoor sealed with a foil and a regular Shadowmoor set as the top prizes
2pm – “Old Box” constructed – Extended event, with prizes as for the other old box tourney
4pm – Apple iPod 2HG – Shadowmoor block sealed 2HG with ipods for top two finishing teams
5pm – Generic GP Trial – Standard event with the first prize being a flexible 3-round trial for any GP before mid-2009
6pm – Multiplayer free-for-all – Standard constructed event where 8-man multiplayer tables winnow down to one final winner, with prizes being a Legends box, a foil Mirrodin set, and regular Mirrodin sets
10am – iPod constructed – Standard event with iPods for the top four finishers
12pm – “Old Box” sealed – Shadowmoor sealed, prizes as above
2pm – Revised duals – Legacy constructed, with top prizes of 30 and 10 revised duals (that’s a substantial payout)
4pm – Magic prints sealed – Urza’s block sealed with Magic art prints as the top nine prizes
I’m definitely excited about the possibility of showing up with some Standard and Extended decks and playing on all the days, or at least until I’m burned out. Of course, if I go for the LCQ, I may burn out early…