Kamigawa cube: first draft

Earlier this year, I talked about putting together a one with everything Kamigawa draft cube. With just over 600 cards, this is bigger than a typical cube by a good 150-200 cards. As I discussed earlier, it’s also tilted up the rarity scale, with about 25% rares, 25% uncommons, and 50% commons.
And, of course, there’s just one of each card, so Mirror Gallery is especially worthless — but it’s in there, and we had it in today’s draft!
M, SSO, and JH showed up for a half-draft — which is what we usually manage these days (the thought of getting eight people together…well, that seems extreme). As everyone checked out their first pack, there was a simultaneous pause, followed by everyone laughing at the card selection (or, as SSO said, ” Bomb, bomb, bomb…”).
My very first pack was also full of good cards, but the best choice seemed to be Jushi Apprentice. The next big card I saw was, I think, Myojin of Night’s reach. From there, subsequent packs graced me with Kokusho, Keiga, Gifts Ungiven (how appropriate), and a Neverending Torment…along with more card draw and, fortunately, some black removal. I ended up with a quite solid blue-black, controllish deck.
We played two rounds, and I think had a fun time watching how things worked out. I really enjoyed how the one-with-everything approach emphasized the feel of the set, with big legends facing off. I also learned that, in draft, Kira is an enormous, enormous beating, especially when you copy it (him? her?) with Sakashima.
And I actually managed a Neverending Torment win. Awesome.