Oona could be my gal, seriously

Doug Beyer’s latest Taste the Magic column talks about the faeries of Lorwyn-turned-Shadowmoor, who have not, themselves, changed. The article focuses on the character that is also Doug’s preview card, Oona, Queen of the Fae. If you’re at all a fan of the flavor of Magic and the story behind the game, check out Doug’s article. Lots of good stuff, and some neat concept art. While we’re on that note, you should also go look at the recent feature article by Jeremy Jarvis.
In the meantime, here’s Oona:
A 5/5 flying creature with an additional ability for six mana = dragon. Oona is a solid win condition, with a built in extra win condition. And no, I don’t really mean milling them out. I’m not fond of milling wins, especially as we go into a block constructed season where you might reasonably expect to see Primal Commands running around. I mean that in an environment likely to be chock-a-block with two-color decks, the ability to turn maybe 30% of the cards Oona mills into flying beaters is just grotesque. Much like my beloved Kokusho, Oona becomes a “win damn soon” card when you factor in her ability.
She just may show up in my decks for the coming PTQ season.
The other preview card today is Deep-Slumber Titan, a 7/7 for 2RR that comes into play tapped and won’t untap unless you hurt it. Will that be good? Hard to say.