Competitive psychology, the Magic edition

Rich Hagon and Zac Hill have written a number of good articles recently on competitive psychology in Magic. They generalize well to pretty much any competitive venue, and are only loosely focused on Magic. A good read, no matter what you do.
Focus – Zac Hill talks about staying present and involved in the competitive endeavor you’re involved in right now, rather than drifting.
The Right Way to Lose – Zac Hill talks about how one must leaven taking personal responsibility for your performance with the knowledge that some things are actually out of your control.
A Very Big Secret – Rich Hagon talks about giving yourself permission to win at an event. “For almost everyone, our Comfort Zone is rooted in Failure. When we are removed from our Comfort Zone, usually due to the ‘threat’ of Success, we subconsciously do all in our power to return there.”
Permission to Win 101 – Rich Hagon looks at the psychological bits and pieces that people employ on their way to a win — and that’s more than just at the event itself, but in the days, weeks, and months leading up to it.