Preparing for Lorwyn-Shadowmoor superblock constructed

As the Shadowmoor prerelease approaches, with the promise of a full spoiler for the set, my mind turns to figuring out what my best option is for the Lorwyn-Shadowmoor superblock constructed season of PTQs leading to PT Berlin 2008. I’m looking forward to hitting the very first PTQ of the season on Saturday at Pro Tour Hollywood 2008. I’ve participated in one block constructed season so far, the Time Spiral block events leading up to Pro Tour Valencia. If your experience is similarly limited, you may find yourself wondering how representative the Time Spiral experience was. How have other block constructed seasons turned out?
As it happens, Wizards is good enough to archive top eight decklists from PTQ seasons past, although they’re not great about making them easy to find. Click through to the extended entry for a whole host of links out to block constructed events ranging from the recent Time Spiral nostalgia-fest all the way back to Odyssey and Onslaught (the last tribal block!). Is there useful data in there? Hard to say. Time to get reading.

Time Spiral
PT Valencia qualifiers top eight decklists
GP Strasbourg 2007
GP Montreal 2007
GP San Francisco 2007
GP Florence 2007
Pro Tour Yokohama 2007
PT Los Angeles qualifiers top eight decklists
GP Minneapolis 2005
GP Niigata 2005
GP Taipei 2005
GP Salt Lake City 2005
GP Mexico City 2005
Pro Tour Philadelphia 2005
GP Zurich 2004
2004 JSS
GP Orlando 2004
Pro Tour Kobe 2004
GP Genova 2003
GP London 2003
GP Yokohama 2003
GP Detroit 2003
Pro Tour Venice 2003
GP Hamburg 2002
GP Cleveland 2002
Pro Tour Osaka 2002