PT Hollywood 2008: Decklists and outliers

Decklists are now available for day one, day two, and, of course, the top eight at Pro Tour Hollywood 2008. Here are the links:
Day One, A-M
Day One, N-Z
Day Two
Top Eight
So, are there any interesting outliers of note? Curious deck choices we didn’t hear about? The two standout “weird” decks of the tournament were Manual B’s mana-greedy control deck and Stuart Wright’s B/R Tokens build, but I’m always curious about other nonstandard choices people brought, and how they paid off. Let’s take a look (in the extended):

Enrico Albesiano brought a R/u Swath/Warrens storm deck, but it only took him to one win and 165th place.
Akira Asahara brought a Lark build that also packed the Juniper Order Druid combo, and also came in with just one win at 139th place.
David Besso brought a W/g Kithkin deck that tallied two draws and 226th place.
Gael Bailly Maitre played a B/R Urchins/Goblins/Blossom/Gargadon deck with double Torrent of Souls, earning one win and 158th place. Mathieu Hautot played a similar deck to two draws and 309th place.
Max Carey played Predator Zoo with a land destruction package, to two draws and 230th place.
Gerard Fabiano played U/W control (with triple Teferi!), racking up two draws and 197th place.
Kevin Grove played mono-red Dragonstorm (with quadruple Pact of Negation in the side!), earning two draws and 251st place. Claudio Salemi added one Knollspine Dragon to his version, picking up two draws as well and ending up in 350th place.
Frederic Geiger played a bizarre W/u/B Rebels-Blossom-Blink deck (seriously, check the day one A-Ms), picking up one win and 162nd place.
Bao Luong played a Teh Faerie deck (that is, Faeries hybridized with Teachings), getting two draws and 214th place.
Robert Moore played B/U/R Mannequin, with a full quad of Demigod of Revenge, coming in at two draws and 332nd place. Hisaya Tanaka’s many-colored Mannequin also netted him two draws and 292nd place.
Alex Majlaton played a B/R deck packing a mountain of burn and only twelve creatures, including four Demigods, rounding his event at one win and 192nd place.
Florian Pils ran pretty much straight-up U/B Mannequin, taking home two draws and 273rd place.
Esther Trujillo brought all the burn (25 burn spells, 4 Browbeat, and 8 creatures), ending up with two draws and 319th place.
Dave Williams’ elementals and stuff build was very colorful (all foil), but only picked up two draws and 194th place.
Chris Wall’s U/B Kithkin got him two draws and 271st place.