Duel Decks — Planeswalker smackdown

Wizards just announced a new “Duel Deck” product featuring Jace Beleren versus Chandra Nalaar (with the snappy name Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra). The last one was Elves versus Goblins; this time it’s more or less control versus burn.
Notice that it’s not Garruk versus Liliana. Or, really, Garruk versus anyone.
The product will contain two sixty-card decks, alternate foils (ugh*) of Chandra and Jace, and four other cards with new art.
*’Ugh’ because I dislike foils. They bend, they’re not as attractive as normal cards, and I don’t feel like littering my deck with enough of them to avoid a penalty for marked cards.