Creatureless cycle control in Lorwyn

I think I proposed this or something like it as a joke to SSO when we were attending PT Hollywood. Basically, “throw one of each cycle in” and go from there. In practice, I went for the restrained form of that approach, as I’ve only thrown in three cycles — the planeswalkers, the commands, and the hybrid lands.
This tests surprisingly well against Kithkin and Faeries. No, that’s not a recommendation to play it at a PTQ.
It does create hilarious game states, though.
Full list in the extended.

36 Spells:
Nameless Inversion
Jace Beleren
Ajani Goldmane
Garruk Wildspeaker
Cryptic Command
Liliana Vess
Chandra Nalaar
Incendiary Command
Primal Command
Austere Command
Profane Command
24 Land:
Vivid Grove
Vivid Meadow
Vivid Marsh
Reflecting Pool
Fire-Lit Thicket
Graven Cairns
Sunken Ruins
Mystic Gate
Wooded Bastion

Um, yeah. Basically, the Inversions and Firespouts hope to keep you alive long enough to start dropping planeswalkers and commands. Jace is your card draw, so put him down and draw with abandon. One of the fun facets of this deck design is that, given the abundance of planeswalkers, it’s perfectly fine if they spend time killing a planeswalker instead of you (and if they don’t, they’re likely to be in some trouble).
No sideboard yet, because I wasn’t being very serious when I put this together. I also have very little idea how optimal the mana base is. I think the Vivid lands need to diversify a little bit more.