DruidSpike – Project X in Block

As spoilers have leaked out, one combo in particular has had people talking:
In case it’s not jumping right out at you, Devoted Druid plus Quillspike equals arbitrarily large Quillspike. Tap the Druid for one green mana, then untap it, placing a -1/-1 counter on it. Use that green mana to power Quillspike’s ability, removing the -1/-1 counter. Rinse and repeat.
Now, what’s so great about an arbitrarily large Quillspike? Good question. For one (double-edged) use, check out my DruidSpike list in the extended.

B/G Druidspike

21 Creatures:
Devoted Druid
Kitchen Finks
Sapling of Colfenor
15 Spells:
Raven’s Crime
Nameless Inversion
Rite of Consumption
Primal Command
24 Land:
Gilt-Leaf Palace
Twilight Mire
Reflecting Pool

This is an attempt to take a Project X -like approach to using a somewhat shaky and removal-limited infinite combo, housing it in the body of a solid enough midrange deck. Project X was basically a WBG midrange deck that also happened to have a three-part infinite combo win available to it. This actually worked out pretty well, as it could midrange you to death when you focused too hard on the combo, or combo you out if you spent all your time dealing with the midrange deck.
Project X’s infinite combo had the advantage that you could hook multiple victory conditions onto it, be it a win via infinite life or a win via infinite spirits from Teysa. In our case, we end our arbitrarily large infinite sequence with an arbitrarily large Quillspike.
Woohoo, right?
So what can one do with a gigantic Quillspike? Well, we can attack, which is fairly unexceptional. I imagine our world-crushing Quillspike would spend most of its time being chump blocked by Faerie Rogue tokens, which kind of sucks. Instead, we’d like a way to use the Quillspike to just win. To that end, we make the obvious choice and put three Rite of Consumption into the deck, letting us Quillspike our opponent in the face, dealing them a billion damage and gaining us a billion life. Thus, the combo kill.
Now, I don’t like this nearly as much as Project X, inasmuch as the Rite is almost certainly going to spend a lot of time as a dead card. If it could hit creatures, that would be awesome, but it can’t, so it’s not. Instead, it’s our kill condition that doesn’t really do much of anything else, except maybe pop a Kitchen Finks to earn us 5 life (3 from the Rite, 2 from it coming back).*
And that brings us to one of the fun interactions in this deck, a value-added feature that means that we’re not just running a midrange deck hauling around a janky combo. In addition to becoming gigantic off of Devoted Druid, Quillspike also lets us strip those -1/-1 counters off our Kitchen Finks, making them extra-Persistent. That’s a nice chunk of synergy, and may make this deck more worthwhile overall.
The rest of the deck is a pretty standard kitting out for the metagame (that is, killing hordes of flying attackers). We have Thoughtseizes and Crimes for disruption, Threshers to sweep the skies, Commands to gain life and search up combo elements, Shriekmaws to kill stuff, and Saplings to chump block stuff all day long.
When I have the appropriate parts in hand, I’ll give this deck a whirl and see how it works out.

*Or EOT Cloudthresher, dealing 2, then attack, dealing 7, then Rite, dealing another 7. That could work, too.