Post-Eventide Planeswalkers

Heading toward the post-Eventide PTQ Berlin season, we see a lot of options opening up for non-Faerie builds. Faeries, it seems, will stay basically the same (caveat: I may have missed something utterly gamebreaking in my review of the cards so far). Although I’ve toyed with a number of ideas, ranging from random Rock builds using the new B/G cards through a weird attempt at a block Goblin Bidding deck using Pyrrhic Revival (hint: this probably doesn’t work), my affections remain with Planeswalkers.
Fortunately for me, I’ve picked up a solid tool that this kind of deck really needs to work. A Wrath.
Check out the extended for a provisional decklist.

16 Creatures:
Bloom Tender
Kitchen Finks
20 Spells:
Eyeblight’s Ending
Crib Swap
Oblivion Ring
Garruk Wildspeaker
Hallowed Burial
Liliana Vess
Primal Command
Profane Command
24 Land:
Gilt-Leaf Palace
Fetid Heath
Twilight Mire
Reflecting Pool
15 Sideboard:
Eyes of the Wisent
Faerie Macabre
Cold-Eyed Selkie
Hallowed Burial
Ashling the Extinguisher
Sapling of Colfenor
Nath of the Gilt-Leaf

The creatures
Bloom Tender seems like a great acceleration card, especially in a deck that’s going to be putting Kitchen Finks into play. I’m not fully leveraging its power the way I could in a hybrid-heavy deck, but I can see having items of a couple different colors in play for the late game, powering out, say, a gigantic Profane Command to the head. For the remaining creatures, I’m sticking with the tried-and-true package of Shriekmaws, Finks, and Threshers. Having four Threshers main may seem excessive, but it’s great fun against Faeries.
I have, however, dropped the Chameleon Colossi. I hate playing the “my Colossus versus yours” game, because if you’re the one playing the Colossus second, you’re in trouble — they’ll swing with a pumpable Colossus on the following turn, and then what do you do? Chump block? Take eight? Ugh.
The removal
Fortunately, Eventide has blessed us with Hallowed Burial. Coming in at five mana, Hallowed is the cheapest near-Wrath we’ve had for a long time. As a bonus, it’s also super-powerful in this format, as it dodges all those Persist creatures entirely, and it takes care of opposing Chameleon Colossi and other pro-your-removal-color creatures (like, say, the charmingly hard to kill Oversoul). I’m packing three in the main, figuring that’s good for shredding opposing Colossi, wiping out Kithkin armies, and generally wiping the board.
The second major change I’ve made in my removal is dropping Nameless Inversion. For a long time, I was worried about the Ending not being able to kill Mutavaults. You know what? Not being able to kill Doran is much, much worse. Thus, the change up to three Endings and a Crib Swap, the latter there to add power against creatures with protection (and Elves), and as a tutorable one-of for Liliana to grab. Of course, we also have the quartet of Shriekmaws in the creature collection, above. Add to this a one-of O-ring and a one-of Profane Command.
I’m quite excited about the Burials. Wrath!
Quadruple Thoughtseize. Great in the last PTQ.
Well, yeah. The core of the deck.
I’ve kept the four Eyes, as this really, really forces a change in how reactive blue decks play. The Faerie Macabres are still around to counteract opposing Larks and Mannequins. I’ve added four Cold-Eyed Selkies to the side, the idea being that they’d pop in replacing the Kitchen Finks against Faeries and Merfolk builds, where I ought to be able to Islandwalk with impunity, and where card advantage is tremendously useful. I briefly considered them in the main, but they’re not solid enough when they’re not Islandwalking to really make me happy.
There’s one more Burial for those times when I really, really need to kill stuff. Then the final package of three Legends is there to swap in for three Threshers in those matchups where Thresher is not a terribly useful card.
So far, I’m liking the idea of this deck. I’ll have to make sure I really like it before using it, as, sadly, I only get a shot at really one more PTQ this season (or maaaaybe two, if I’m willing to drive quite far for it).