PTQ Berlin 2008: A smidgen of new tech

Coming nigh on one day after the release of Eventide, the Springfield, MO PTQ is probably wholly nonrepresentative of what full block play will look like for the remaining PTQs of this season. Even so, some Eventide cards did creep into the top eight. Let’s go deck by deck in the extended.

Coming in at first place with a Kithkin build, Andy Vick pushed four Figure of Destiny into the main — this is not a surprising addition to the deck. To make space for this change, he cuts two of the typical maindeck Forge-Tenders, as well as one each of Lieges and Mirrorweaves. Over in the sideboard, he has the effectively pro-removal Stillmoon Cavalier.
In second place, Nolan Chaney ran a very stock Faeries build, with an interesting sideboard addition in Snakeform, presumably with the job of hunting Chameleon Colossi.
In third place, Steve Locke eschewed the Snakes and any other new cards, running a pre-Eventide Faeries deck.
In fourth place, Trevor Dalton did not take the Figure of Destiny route with his Kithkin deck, instead adding three Unmake to his sideboard as his only Eventide additions.
In fifth place, Richard Feldman’s curious four-color control build ran a full four Flooded Groves in the main, and another four Stillmoon Cavaliers in the side.
Adam Boyd’s sixth-place Faeries effort featured a trio of Snakeforms in the side.
Matt Rader’s mostly-Red Deck Wins deck at seventh place had four maindeck Figure of Destiny (ooh, Hybrid at work), along with a full four Puncture Blasts split evenly between main and side, as well as a lone Unwilling Recruit in the side.
Finally, Thomas Harlan came in at eighth place with an Elementals deck featuring on Cascade Bluffs, a pair of Soul Snuffers for mass removal and one more Snuffers in the side as insurance.