Bloom King – infinite mana, redux

My initial take on using the Bloom Tender engine to generate infinite mana was the light-hearted and not-so-durable Thousand Blooms. Since then, I’ve been pondering how you’d actually wrap this engine into a durable frame – something more on the line of Project X.
More in the extended.

Here’s the new deck list:

16 Creatures:
Seedcradle Witch
Bloom Tender
Chameleon Colossus
Horde of Notions
Reaper King
20 Spells:
Nameless Inversion
Dramatic Entrance
Primal Command
Dawnglow Infusion
Profane Command
24 Land:
Gilt-Leaf Palace
Vivid Marsh
Vivid Grove
Reflecting Pool

So, what’s up with this one?
The engine
This time, rather than attempting to combine Seedcradle, Scuttlemutt, and Bloom Tender, we’re combining Seedcradle, Bloom Tender, and five-color creatures – specifically, Reaper King or Horde of Notions. In this case, the engine works like this:
Have all three creatures in play
Tap Bloom Tender for WUBRG
Pay 2WG to untap Bloom Tender with Seedcradle – you have now profited for one mana (in UB or R)
The frame
The goal here, like with Project X, is to fit the combo engine into a midrange frame. To that end, we have a smattering of disruption in a trio of Thoughtseizes, removal in double playsets of Nameless Inversion and Profane Command, and some Primal Commands to fight aggro (and, incidentally, tutor up your combo creatures). The Bloom Tenders, in addition to being combo material, help accelerate your deck into action.
Dramatic Entrance?
This has actually turned up in two different top eight PTQ decks. It has the advantage of, among other things, letting you drop a gigantic creature into play when your opponent isn’t expecting it — like, say, dropping a Reaper King (it’s green!) or a Horde of Notions (also green!) in as a blocker, or at end of turn. One could imagine having the fairly innocuous-seeming duo of Tender and Witch in play, then dropping EOT Reaper King, untapping, then generating infinite mana and Profaning for the win.
This time around, I’ve also stuck in two more X spells in the form of Dawnglow Infusion, so you can either drop infinite life from your opponent or gain infinite life.
Bonus parts
Remember how Reaper King actually has, like, other abilities? Remember how Horde of Notions has them, too? Remember how Chameleon Colossus is a Scarecrow and an Elemental?
EOT Reaper King with Dramatic Entrance. Untap, play Chameleon Colossus and destroy a permanent. Swing with a 6/6 and a 5/5 that can double to a 10/10 or a 20/20…
Or, EOT Horde of Notions, and bring back Colossus whenever it dies, tapping Bloom Tender to pay for the Horde’s ability. Also, infinite Shriekmawing.
Finally, I threw in a Reveillark to bring parts back, just in case.
I might actually play this one. It’s worth some playtesting, at least.