Aachen is pessimal, Montreal is red

Two interesting sets of results from Berlin Pro Tour Qualifier top eights came in this week. First, we have the top eight from a 58-person PTQ in Aachen:
1. Faeries
2. Faeries
3. Faeries
4. Faeries
5. Faeries
6. Kithkin
7. Kithkin
8. Kithkin
So what were the two best decks in the format again?
However, a second set of results from a 110-person PTQ in Montreal says that we aren’t stuck in a mire of Faeries and Hobbits:
1. UG Merfolk (including that chunkiest of Merfolk, the Chameleon Colossus)
2. Red
3. Faeries
4. Red
5. Kithkin
6. Red
7. Edge of the Divinity (that is, black/white)
8. Red
Click through on either link for full deck lists.